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Green Concepts 10 Graffiti Remover 32 oz Bottle


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A Low-Odor and Low-Toxicity 
Graffiti Remover Safer for 
Indoor and Outdoor Use!

Product Description: Green Concepts Graffiti Remover Plus is highly effective in removing unwanted graffiti, gum, permanent marker, and many other stains and soils from a variety of surfaces. Unlike traditional graffiti removers, Green Concepts Graffiti Remover Plus is environmentally friendly and is much safer for the user.

Product Applications: Diluted with water, Graffiti Remover Plus can be used on plastic, laminate, metal, carpet, most painted surfaces and salvage cleaning of whiteboards. Undiluted, GR will penetrate and remove graffiti from porous surfaces such as brick, stone or concrete

✔ Concentrated “Green” Formulation for Removal of Unwanted Graffiti
✔ Superior performance proven by Independent Lab Testing
✔ For restoration, removes paint, permanent marker, ink, tar and gum
✔ Low odor and safe for indoor and outdoor use, even with limited ventilation
✔ Restores stained and shadowed white boards
✔ Safer on carpet, painted, many non-porous and all washable surfaces
✔ Certified as Safer for Users and the Environment by 3 Major Certifiers


Undiluted - for the toughest jobs on the porous and durable surfaces.

Dilute - as needed to remove the undesired stain or graffiti while protecting the underlying surface. Typically, GR can be used at 2 dilutions:

Low Dilution 1:3 (1 part plus to 3 parts water)

High Dilution 1:5 (1 part to 5 parts water)



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Product Code: GC-0629-QT

Manufacturer: Eco-Concepts


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