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GC Hospitality Kit Series 300


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A Revolutionary Alternative to Traditional Chemical Dispensing

Facilities that lack the space or plumbing to support a traditional dispensing system have been caught between expensive ready-to-use products and inaccurate dilution control by “glugging.” The Green Concepts Series 300 (patent pending) is the answer to this long–standing industry challenge.

The System: A convenient kit with (4) 32 oz. bottles of Super-Concentrate, custom pumps, color coded trigger spray bottles and a wall chart. Simply pump the suggested number of strokes for each application (e.g., 1 for a spray bottle and 2 for a mop bucket), fill spray bottle or mop bucket with cold water and you are “ready–to–use.”


The Kit Includes:

Product #’s: 301, 325, 327, 350
(4) Dispensing pumps
(4) Pre-labeled empty spray bottles
(4) Trigger sprayers
(1) Lockable dispensing tray
Installation hardware
Wall chart with product information
Instruction sheets

This kit can make up to:

(448) diluted 32 oz spray
(128) mop buckets

Product Code: GC-0588

Manufacturer: Eco-Concepts


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